Car Rental Insurance In Sabah: Do You Need To Buy It?

Car rental insurance tips: In this article, we are going to talk about the need for insurance when renting a car. The reasons for renting a car are different for people. Some people rent a car to get themselves freedom when they are travelling.

Some people rent a car due for some special occasions. Some rent a car due to a business outing. Some rent a car just to go out with friends. You might have done so too or you might have a different reason.

However, you might also have been wondering about the issue of whether or not you need to buy insurance when you rent a car. We are going to answer this in this article.

There is a situation where you must buy insurance when you rent a car. This situation is when you are renting from a company, the company then do research on your background, driving history and see whether you have a bad driving history or not as well as deciding whether or not you are going to be a big risk for them or not. Checkout: Interesting places in Kundasang Sabah

If they consider you as a big risk by letting you rent a car from them, they might ask you to purchase insurance first before they proceed with the deal with you. They will also run research on your insurance policy to check whether you already have insurance coverage on the rental car.

Car Rental Insurance Policy


car rental insurance in sabah
Car rental insurance is a serious thing

However, most of the vehicle insurance policies already covered rental car insurance. Therefore, you need to check with your insurance service provider to see whether it is being covered or not.

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If it is already covered, just let the car rental company know about this. If not, you are going to pay extra for the thing that you already have. It will be such a waste due to your ignorance. The most important thing for you to do is to ask them.

If you don’t ask, you will have no idea about this. Ask your insurance service provider these few things:


  • Does the coverage apply if the rental car is stolen or damaged? If it does not, then you need to buy supplemental insurance from the car rental company.


  • Are administrative or towing fees for rental cars covered?


The next thing to do is call your credit card company. This is only needed to be done if you are paying using your credit card. There is a high possibility that the card offers a secondary car rental insurance for free.

To know about this, you need to check with your card service provider. The next thing to be done is to review your rental coverage options.

Bear in mind and always remember that you should never sign anything or agree to the coverage without having a thorough and proper reading on the policy, the terms and conditions, as well as know that the insurance requirements and rules.


  • If the crucial things such as full auto insurance coverage which includes liability, comprehensive, and collision are there in your insurance policy, you can decline the offer for supplemental car rental insurance. If these things are not covered, you will be needing insurance coverage from the car rental company.


  • Check thoroughly on your existing insurance policy. Check whether you have health or medical coverage on it. If you don’t have any health or medical coverage on your existing policy, you are able to purchase your own personal accident coverage.


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