5 Costly Car Rental Mistakes To Avoid In Sabah

Car rental mistakes topic: Hello there! Have you ever rent a car? How does it feel when you are going through the process? Are you satisfied with the service or not?

Is it tiring and complex or it is pretty easy and straightforward? Generally, for most of the car rental companies, they have their own websites which make things becoming more easier compared to the traditional ways of doing things. Like us in Sabah Trans.

So, in terms of process, there should be no problem at all. However, there are a few mistakes that will cost you a lot. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 costly car rental mistakes that you should avoid,


1 .  Car rental mistakes: You didn’t do comparison


Most of the people didn’t compare the price and things provided by all the car rental companies available. Some of the companies can provide you even better service at a lower price compared to few other companies. Yes, like us in Sabah Trans.

There are also a few companies which provide discount coupons so that you can enjoy a discounted price (get a coupon in our newsletter offer).

The reason why many people miss this chance is that they are being lazy or didn’t know that some of the companies provide service at a much cheaper price as well as having lots of discount coupons.

So, next time please make sure that you compare the prices and check for any special promotion available first.


2 .  Pay for the extra insurance

5 Costly Car Rental Mistakes To Avoid
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This is basically going to happen after the rental company checks your background, your driving history and if they think that you are a big risk for them, they will ask you to purchase extra car rental insurance.

Most of the time people will just pay for the insurance. They should ask their credit card provider whether the car rental is being covered under the insurance policy or not.

If it is being covered already, there is no need for you to pay more to the car rental company.


3 . Rushing through the inspections


This is one of the most important things that should not be rushed. You should always bring together with you a torchlight. This is going to be useful when you are picking up your car during at night.

Use the torchlight to check the car to see any scratches or dents on the car. Jot everything so that you will not be blamed for things that you didn’t do. Even better if you take a few pictures of every part of the car.


4 . Ask when the last time the car is being serviced

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Wait for the response from the person in charge. If he can answer confidently and nothing suspicious arises, you can continue with the deal.

If the answer is somewhat unconvincing such as he didn’t know when the last time the car is being serviced, there must be something wrong going on. If you are going to proceed with the deal, just make sure that you are being extra careful.


5 . Don’t know who to contact if anything happens


Before you agree to the deal, ask for the number to contact if the car breaks down. Normally, they will have a person in charge for certain places.

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By contacting this person, he will bring you to any workshop that has a good relationship with the car rental company so that if the problem is not due to your fault, they will let this matter go and even give you a replacement car.

If you go to the workshop by yourself, there is a high possibility for you to pay for all the cost.


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