Key Conditions for the use of Booking Engine – In Plain English

Age Limit Authorised

Hirer and additional driver/s must meet minimum 23 years age and under 60 years old.

 Sabah Trans / Hadigo Travel And Tours accept all major credit/charge.

Daily hire constitutes 24 hours and should the vehicle be returned after the stipulated time, an excessive hourly rate which is based on 1/5 of the daily rate shall apply.

Monthly Rental

A month’s rental constitutes 30 days. If a monthly lease is terminated prematurely in the first month, the Daily or Monthly rate whichever is lower shall apply.

But, any pro-rated rental charges after the first month will be computed on the monthly fee divided by 30 days.

Driving Licence

Rental must have a valid local or international driving license and minimum two years driving experience.

Vehicle Maintenance

We offer reliable and dependable vehicles. The vehicles are regularly serviced and thoroughly checked and cleaned after each rental.


Every Sabah Trans Vehicle is supplied with a full tank of unleaded gasoline which must be refilled at tenant’s expense on return, failing that an estimated refueling charge shall apply.

Free delivery and collection service is available during office hours within 5km of the radius in town limit.

For daily rental, additional hours are charged at one-fifth of the daily rate whereby a maximum of five hours will become an additional day charge.

Extension of Lease

Any expansion of rental must be arranged at the closest office/ Every Sabah Trans lease site. Failure to do this may mean the rental/ driver is driving the vehicle without insurance.

Parking and Traffic Violations

The hirer is responsible for all traffic violations, parking fees, and summons.

Rates include coverage of third party property damage, unlimited for third party bodily injuries and passenger liability.

Cover for the loss of the vehicle by fire and theft are included. Renter is obliged to report immediately any collision, vandalism or theft involving the rented car to Sabah Trans Office or the nearest police station. Failure to comply with

Failure to comply with the process will void all liability protection. Every accident involving damage to the rented vehicle during the lease period will take an excess whereby the renter is responsible for the amount up to RM2500 (P. Persona 1.3 — 1.5) and RM3500 (all 1.6 c.c vehicles upward).

Purchasing Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that isn’t insurance can reduce this liability to the Renter. Missing items and accessories, overhead and undercarriage damages, water damage aren’t protected by insurance coverage or by the purchase of CDW.

All insurance coverage is subject to compliance with all the terms and conditions specified in the rental agreement. Any breach of the agreement will result in NIL Coverage

Non — Waiverable Excess ( N.W.E)

Non Waiverable excess on damage and missing accessories to the leased vehicle by the tenant shall apply and pay such subsequent applicable charges on the following schedule:

  • Vehicle 1.3 c.c-1.5 : Non-waiverable Excess= RM 1,000.00
  • Vehicle 1.6 c.c-1.8 c.c : Non-waiverable Excess= RM 1,500.00
  • Vehicle 2.0 c.c-3.5 c.c : Non-waiverable Excess= RM 3,000.00
  • MPV 2.0 c.c-2.5 c.c : Non-waiverable Excess= RM 4,000.00
  • 4WD/SUV : Non-waiverable Excess= RM 5,000.00


Rates include: Rates DO NOT include:
  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • Full Maintenance
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • 24 Hours Breakdown service
  • Extra Discount for longer rental period
  • Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Refundable Security Deposit (RSD)
  • Gasoline/Petrol
  • Traffic Fine
  • Different Pickup Location Charges
  • Additional Driver
  • Theft Excess
  • 6% Government Service Tax
  • Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I)

Rental Rates and Rental Extension / Excess Hours

Rates are subject to change without previous notice in case of unforeseen circumstances like an increase in transport and maintenance costs, tax, etc..
If the Hirer intends to extend the rental beyond the first confirmed date, Hirer must notify Sabah Trans for further action.

Non-smoking Vehicle

Hirer and all passengers shall not smoke while using vehicles leased from Sabah Trans/Owner. An amount of RM200 shall apply to eliminate the smokes odors and disinfect the inside of the vehicles.

Driving License – Minimum and Maximum Age

An international driving license is preferred for a non-Malaysian citizen.

Damage and Other Charges

The Hirer accepts responsibility to fix and change to new original parts at the current market price plus labors on items which are damaged, lost or stolen during the period of Hire. Therefore, hirer’s deposit shall be forfeited.

  • scratches on car body which Must be re-paint
  • broken / Expand windshield, window glass & wiper
  • Damaged on car seats (eg. Cigarettes burn marks, stains, etc..)
  • Fender & bumper bend or fall out
  • Any damage & missing items relating to the Vehicle


The hirer must always make sure that the vehicle’s water temperature is always at a normal level. Should hirer experience water heating or temperature rise, stop the car immediately at a security area and contact our response team.

For a long-distance drive, the hirer must regularly check the water level and add water if needed and engine oil of the leased vehicle.

In the case of major damaging occur to Sabah Trans/owner’s car(s) that need Sabah Trans/owner to claim compensation from Insurance Company, then the time spends on asserting from the Insurance company and sending for repairing would have consequent losses to Sabah Trans/owner.

Therefore, no replacement of car by Sabah Trans/Owner and hirer are liable to pay the extra fees. Hirer’s deposit with the balance of higher rates (if any) paid to Sabah Trans/owner shall be forfeited.