Car Rental Safety In Sabah: Important Guide

Car rental safety in Sabah tips: As a person who loves to travel to Sabah, you might have encountered the scenario where right after you arrived at a new place or destination, in a state of where you are really hungry, really tired, all you want to do is to get as quick as possible to the hotel to get a rest.

Then you went straight to find the car rental desk to sign the agreement and off you go. (Which we recommend booking your car rental through online).

In just an instant, you will be getting yourself into another scenario which is being trapped in a busy traffics, roads that you are unfamiliar with, signboards which you have a little understanding of, and the worst possible situation is that you are unfamiliar with your car thus leading to awkwardness and lot of mistakes while you are driving.

You are unfamiliar with the signals and wipers, the pedals length by overly exerting pressure on it thus making it speeding, you are starting to feel uncomfortable and thus leading to stress.

This is actually what we are trying to prevent. There are many cases where right after the agreement has been signed, in just a few kilometers, accidents happened.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to share with you tips on car rental safety. It is very crucial for you to have a look and understand these things before you rent your next car.


1. What you should take into considerations before you reserve a rental car


 The most important thing for you to do and check before you reserve a car is to get the best deal and know how to ensure yourself insured your rental car.

  1. Contact and check with the service provider of your insurance and the travel protection of your credit card so that you will have a better understanding regarding your current coverage for rental cars.
  2. Have you ever heard about supplemental car rental coverage? It is something that can be added to your travel insurance plan when you buy it. This is only necessary if you ever need this car rental coverage.
  3. Check and confirm with the service provider of your road to see if the coverage extends to rental cars where you are going.
  4. Always keep a small flashlight or headlamp with you all the time. This is to ensure that you can have a better vision of your rental car if you are picking it up at night. You need to be on extra careful here. You need to check every part of the car. Check for dents or scratches so that you can prevent yourself from being blamed by the car rental service provider for the losses. If possible, take a few pictures as proof that all these things are already there.


2. During the process of signing the agreement


Here, the most important thing for you to note is that you are getting the price that is expected and within your range.

  1. Ask for a contact number for you to contact if the car breaks down. Check the number first to ensure that it is a valid number and you can reach the person in charge.
  2. Enquire about the last time the vehicle has undergone maintenance. See how the staff answer this question. If the staff can’t answer it, it is okay for you to get suspicious and cancel the deal. It is most likely that the car is not properly maintained and there is a possibility that it is going to break down easily.


3. Car rental safety in Sabah: Before you continue your journey 


In this part, there are a few tips which you should follow in order for you to get yourself in the safest state possible and are not going to be blamed for damages that are not your fault.

  1. Have a walk around the car. Check for the dents and scratches. Take a few photos. Mark any damages.
  2. Get in the car, start the engine. Check the fuel meter level since most of the car rental companies require you to return the car with the same level of fuel.
  3. Get yourself familiar with the car first. Play with lamps, signals and adjust the seat and the mirrors.
  4. Take a short trip somewhere first to test the brake and the performance as well as any sounds made during the test.
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