Best Places to Visit in Sabah Malaysia

Sabah Malaysia boasts rich culture, natural wonder, and endless adventure – but there are also lesser-known experiences worth your consideration.

Visit Sandakan’s Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and witness orangutans interact and climb trees together. Additionally, wild Pygmy Elephants may be seen at Kinabatangan River and you can join an evening safari through the rainforest.

Which part of Sabah is the best?

Sabah Malaysia offers something for every budget and taste – from lavish luxury vacations, more budget-minded travel options, or crossing items off your bucket list. Experience its pristine beaches and underwater sea life or trek up Mount Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak Summit; there are also cultural activities available and an assortment of cuisine.

Bird watching in Sabah is an enjoyable pastime thanks to its many Important Bird Areas. Try exploring Kinabatangan River or Weston River wetlands teeming with rare water birds and sparkling with fireflies; or head eastward to Danum Valley Conservation Area on the eastern edge of Sabah to spot wild pygmy elephants and gibbons!

Kota Kinabalu’s Night Food Market or Kampung Nelayan provide delicious homemade Italian dishes that you’re sure to remember fondly, while parasailing offers stunning bird’s eye views of Kota Kinabalu’s gorgeous beaches and sky. Plus, unlike paragliding, parasailing doesn’t involve jumping off cliffs so can be done more comfortably compared to paragliding!

Why Sabah is the best place to visit?


Sabah offers something to appeal to every type of traveller. Adventure enthusiasts can live out their mermaid/merman fantasies on Mataking Island while discovering an actual cargo shipwreck; those seeking something less exciting may prefer Semporna with its stunning coral reefs or Sepilok with its world’s first Orangutan Rehabilitation Center as the destination.

Nature enthusiasts can explore unspoiled rainforests like Maliau Basin and Danum Valley, or cruise along oxbow lakes at Kinabatangan River and Weston River with their abundant bird species and twinkling fireflies. Or take a boat out before dawn to spot wild orangutans or pygmy elephants in their natural environments around Sandakan.

Kundasang is one of the most culturally rich areas in Sabah. Here you can visit five distinct ethnic tribal houses to gain more insight into traditional Malaysian culture through demonstrations. Enjoy cracking open a coconut and sipping sweet pandan juice before watching an ancient Magunatip bamboo dance performance for an unforgettable cultural experience in this part of Borneo.

Sabah offers something for everyone from tranquil hiking trails and sun-kissed beaches, to wildlife encounters that will have your jaw dropping. Mount Kinabalu was designated as Malaysia’s inaugural UNESCO World Heritage Site while Mulu Caves remain unexplored treasures waiting to be fully discovered.

At the core of Malaysia lies an expansive rainforest filled with wild animals and natural beauty. A river cruise along East Sabah’s Kinabatangan River could allow you to spot rare proboscis monkeys.

Kota Belud offers an experience of rural life with riverside cottages and two-storied traditional wooden houses lining its banks. Boat trips take visitors searching for proboscis monkeys in mangrove forests while thrill-seekers can try white water rafting – there are various locations, with Kiulu River at Tamparuli offering beginners class I and II rapids while those more advanced may want to head down Padas River in Beaufort for even greater challenge!

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Kota Kinabalu


Visit Sabah is an essential experience for nature lovers, but if time is tight, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park provides an ideal alternative. This sanctuary boasts botanical gardens and zoo exhibits open for public tours.

The zoo houses an assortment of animals, such as Orangutans who unfortunately are seen to be declining due to habitat destruction. You will also be able to spot Proboscis Monkeys here as well. There’s also an abundance of birds at this zoo including Lesser Adjutant Pheasants and Argus Pheasants being among its more notable residents.

The botanical garden on Borneo provides an exceptional showcase of tropical flora and fauna, featuring rare orchid species like Rothschild slipper orchid (Paphiopedilum rothschildianum). Additionally, exotic plants including carnivorous pitcher plants make this garden worth visiting daily and it is free for visitors.

Kinabalu Park Kota Kinabalu


Kinabalu Park is an oasis of nature and beauty. From dense rainforest to towering mountains, this tropical wonderland is home to Malaysia’s highest peak – Mount Kinabalu – as well as being Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site. Kinabalu offers something for all interests – experienced hikers to those looking to relax on one of its lower rainforest trails.

Accommodation options in Kundasang National Park range from hostel-type lodges to luxurious chalets, making staying inside the Park more expensive than in nearby towns like Kundasang or Ranau; however, staying inside allows visitors to have an exclusive mountain experience that is less crowded and closer to nature.

Visitors to Poring Hot Springs, a natural geological formation with pools of warm therapeutic sulphur hot spring water, may enjoy exploring lower rainforest trails or relaxing with a hot soak there. Climb Pondok Timpohon for spectacular landscape views or visit Botanical Garden/Silau Silau Trails and learn about native flora of this natural heritage site.

Sapi Island Kota Kinabalu


Sapi Island Kota Kinabalu is a magnificent travel destination offering some of Malaysia’s finest beaches to its visitors. Additionally, this popular snorkeling and diving spot features abundant marine life. Travelers can rent or purchase equipment directly on the island from local vendors.

Sapi Island’s ideal time of year to visit is between August and September when temperatures are warm and dry, although you should bring sunscreen and insect repellent as the sun can be intense. Also consider packing a waterproof case to protect your belongings in case the boat ride turns rough; otherwise they could get wet!

Travelers looking to stay longer on the island can benefit from nearby hotels and resorts; one great choice is Pacific Sutera Hotel which provides luxury rooms and suites at a reasonable cost, not far from the airport and offering several amenities that make it a great place for travelers.

If you love Angry Birds, visit Puteri Harbor’s one-of-a-kind theme park to experience it first hand! Featuring rides and games designed to mimic its mobile game and housing the first Angry Birds store in Asia – Puteri Harbor can be reached within 1 hour 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur by car.

The Kadazan Cultural Village offers visitors an exciting look into local life. Villagers wear traditional outfits and engage in various daily activities ranging from weaving, woodcarving and intricate beadwork – something not visible elsewhere!

Sapi is an idyllic island for beach holidays. Surrounded by clear blue waters and known for its charming hidden beaches, Sapi also hosts diverse wildlife and marine life – perfect for exploring by taking a cruise or hiking across to reach Gaya Island sandbank – making Sapi an excellent place for couples and families alike to spend their day off the grid!

Sabah Malaysian State offers plenty for nature enthusiasts in Sabah Malaysian State – from its sandy beaches of Sipadan and Kinabalu National Park, to its towering forests. Marvel at Mount Kinabalu’s vastness as Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site; trek to its summit on an enjoyable two-day hiking journey even suitable for novice hikers.

Kinabatangan River tours offer the perfect way to witness nature up close and personal, and typically include accommodation, meals and activities (though prices can differ). Experience all that the Kinabatangan has to offer such as fishing or visiting Pulau Tiga’s mysterious mud volcanoes (featured prominently on Survivor).

People who prefer land travel can explore more about the Murut culture at Marais Center in Tenom. This village provides family-friendly activities that will let you experience local culture while taking a break from city life. After experiencing Murut culture first hand, relax in one of Poring Hot Springs baths to relieve tired limbs.

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